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The semester is over....

As I have gotten older... possibly more mature (although that is debatable) I have come to find the conclusion of the semester rather anticlimatic. I am going on my 19th year of schooling. I am 7 years post high school. My feelings are entirely just in that all prior experience has led me to the conclusion that the ending of one semester leads into a new one- new problems, new stresses. I enjoy these stresses in that they provide structure to my rather unstructured existance- a whole in issue in and of itself. In all honesty I enjoy having no structure- in feeling as if I could do anything and be anywhere at any point. As Patrick would say "I crave moments of entropy in certain instances and situations in my life... but I also crave order... which is why I have chosen science.. It provides my life with order and structure".... or something like that, its not an exact quote. Just a random conversation Pat and I had one night riding back in my car.

But anyway, the semester is over. I feel satisfied although not estatic with my academic performance. I studied hard. I made straight B+'s Which at UVM equates to a 3.33. I need a 3.0 to maintain academic eligability. I have a 3.33 now. Good times I assume.

In other news, I am totally not making this up, but I saved someone's life today. I was at the gym and a middle aged man, slightly on the heavy side (huge gut) fell off the eliptical and had a heart attack. I had to administer CPR, mouth to mouth and use the AED. Thank you mike thomas for making me take CPR classes all four years that I worked at the fitness center. It was crazy. I never thought in my life I would be put into that situation. But there I was, me and heart attack guy. I wasn't nervous or shaky or scared or anything. It was surreal.

Anyway, with the semester over and christmas approaching I will be going back to california for 1 week. I am looking forward to going home and seeing my family and sleeping in my childhood bed. Going home, much like the semester ending is anticlimatic. I always seem to make going home out to be an epic occurance. The reality of the situation is that I 1) get bored 2) feel smoothered and contolled 3) feel imbittered by the fact that I have no friends left in san diego (possibly never did) 4) annoyed and embittered by the fact that I have nothing in common with my family, hold much different opinions and viewpoints then my family 5) have nothing to talk about with anyone- my dad speaks only of sports and softball, my brother is an interesting character but interesting more so in a non-intellectual sense that after an hour and a half is rather unsatisfying and somewhat hair raising-frustrating. To say the least I am not looking forward to going home. I actually have a gut feeling that this trip may turn out to be aweful. I'll just have to say goodbye to my hard won adulthood/ freedom.... I guess I will just have to relish in the fact that I will at least get some free food.

I may possibly go to Portland as well to hang out with Ben and Pat and Cate for New Years, but I will have to asses my financial situation to insure that this is still a possability.... But we shall see. It could be fun....

Patrick is suppose to call me any second now.... were going to go to this party at our friend Julia's house. Its suppose to start at 830.. were planning on getting there at 9pm. It's 820. I am not ready and Im gonna need to pick him up on the south end of town. Grrr I wish I could just hang out with sarah. She's so cool

Anyway, I think Im going to check out. Im extremely tired of writing.

Peace and love


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