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Life is odd
ideals change
circumstances are placed head first upside down
we forget who we set out to be
forget again
It wasn't suppose to be this way
I wanted so much more.. I think
second guess come and go
and the if I only had this or that
were a little smarter with my choices
or a little more reckless
were a bit prettier
a bit more extroverted
more willing to hold you close
a little less willing to keep you close
I want to play my strings correctly
so that it all sounds beautiful
I want to play my cards right
so I can win the game
but songs are temporary
games are meaningless
and feelings are nothing more than just that... feelings

I want to say that I love you. I have and always will. The moment I met you I knew I would love you forever.
The same can be said about you too. I love you as well.


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